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About us

Hey, we’re glad to see that you’ve found and are exploring our homepage.

Hmm, so what is there to say about us…

…simply put: we are two guys who have a lot of fun with creepy crawlies. It seems that we haven’t aged a bit and are still as fascinated, as we once were when we were young. Back then it was house spiders from gran’s garden and basement. Today it’s diverse color and size in exotic species in our terrariums.

The care, observation and breeding of our tarantulas fascinate us from day to day even more. Let’s be honest, our dearest ones aren’t the busiest of creatures but when they finally do move, we can’t keep our eyes away. They steal our attention and give us love and joy in return.

The tarantula hobby offers a wide range of opportunities to be creative and exploring. This could be the building and decorating of terrariums, construction of optimal lighting, dynamic photography or just the exchange of knowledge and experiences with other enthusiasts.

We find that caring for these beings makes us happier people and this is the experience and feeling that we want to share with the world…

We thank you for being a part of this! Without the community we wouldn’t have this hobby. At least not in the form we have come to know today. Let us continue to grow and share our love and appreciation and pass this on to our children.

Thank you!
Your SpiderStore team